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Close to 80% of hospitals nationwide now have at least a basic vendor credentialing program implemented. Each year this number increases as hospitals seek to improve compliance, increase safety and to reduce liability. Some hospitals create their own vendor credentialing program while others use a third party vendor credentialing program. VCS is a third party vendor credentialing program that benefits you, your company and also the hospital. When you register with VCS, you and your company are credentialed. You can also add product and service details so that hospital administrators and buyers nationwide can find what you offer.

VCS will work with corporate companies that need to register multiple representatives. One popular tool is our Rep Dashboard. The Rep Dashboard allows a company administrator to see all reps in one convenient place. Your company administrator can see credentialing documents, all policies being asked by hospitals to sign, training courses, etc. Managing paper documents is a waste of time. Our solution will let you see all representative details, run reports of which representatives still have missing credentials or policies, see which training courses are still incomplete and many others features.

VCS owns our training and LMS! And we can create specific training courses for you too. With our LMS, we can track and grade any course for you. Call us to find out about corporate pricing and how our program can meet and exceed your vendor credentialing needs.